March 27, 2012

Top Quality Disibility Crutches

Author: Robert Paulsen

There are many reasons why people have to make use of disability crutches. Reasons could include the recovery from an accident or surgery or a disability. Whatever the cause, you don't need to compromise on the level of comfort you demand from your crutches. Our legs are a necessity which enables us to walk, run and move around with.

With the use of disability crutches , you are effectively putting the weight of your body on your hands. This added weight can cause severe pain and discomfort if the correct pair of crutches are not used. A big factor to consider when looking for crutches best suited for your condition is whether the crutches are easily adjustable to your height. While using crutches, only use your hands to support you. People are naturally inclined to try and multitask by carrying objects around whilst still trying to balance on the crutches. You should also keep your environment as crutch friendly as possible. Move any obstacles which can obstruct your movement out of the way and avoid making use of stair cases as much as possible. Rather opt for the use of an elevator and if that isn't an option, use the hand railing instead. Adequate lighting in the evenings should also receive due consideration.

Smart Crutch is a newly designed, state of the art crutch designed to eliminate all the inconveniences and problems associated with the out dated crutch. With a variety of colours to choose from, each crutch comes with an adaptable modular design with adjustable length settings which ensure your comfort is of no concern. With added improvements such as increased surface will result in a six fold reduction in pressure with more comfort through even pressure distribution on hands and forearms.

Smart Crutch's crutches come with a comfortable cushion support, among many other distinctive features which sets them apart from the crowd. While you are left with having to keep your weight off your feet, make sure you choose the right pair of disability crutches offering safe and painless support. Visit for a full list of features and purchasing details.

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