February 18, 2013

Transport Wheelchair | Mall Wheelchair Rental Enhances the Shopping Experience

Author: Mike McCoy

Mall wheelchair rental is a growing industry. As malls themselves become ubiquitous, it has come to the attention of all and sundry that despite the endurance test such places can become at holiday times, that malls are not just places for physically fit teenagers to pass the time. In fact, increasingly fewer teens seem to use malls as a place to hang out. At the same time, the general population is aging and due to that and other factors, an increasing number of the people frequenting malls have mobility issues on one level or another. This has lead to mall wheelchair rental becoming a growth industry. 

Improving the Ability to Get Around without Incurring High Costs

Unfortunately, while facilities genuinely want to provide transport to their customers, there are very high expenses involved with the most common form of transport chair used in shopping malls. The electric, self-propelled vehicles, which are almost more golf cart than wheelchair, are too expensive and too large for any store or mall to have too many in inventory. This is especially true considering the replacement cost if they are lost or damaged. These carts are also not for everyone. Not everyone who has trouble walking for long periods or distances is equally capable of steering a potentially unwieldy electric vehicle. If they are shopping with an attendant, there is a better solution. Which has the bonus features of being easy to care for and hard to steal.

A Rental Chair with Room for Lots of Purchases

The future of mall wheelchair rental is here. It has arrived in the form of a nestable chair with easy steering, auto locking brakes, numerous accessories and several security features. Nor should one discount the many color choices available. While matching a facility's d├ęcor is not a requirement, it certainly adds an extra touch the customers will remember! This nestable chair - the chairs can be stacked one against the other like shopping carts or luggage carriers - is not for every mall shopper. Due to low costs and even lower spatial usage, it is certainly an investment that will pay for itself. The chairs will hold up to 500 pounds and are incredibly sturdy, giving them a substantially longer lifespan than the nearest equivalent standard chair. Because they can be nested and secured with a locking coin-return mechanism, they can be displayed almost anywhere, with no worry about taking up valuable floor space. In addition to this, they can be outfitted with everything from oxygen tank holders to seatbelts and even umbrella stands, not to mention luggage racks that will hold a great many more shopping bags than anything out there will today. This feature alone will make an enormous difference in customer satisfaction, which is crucial in today's economy. Finally, for those hesitant to invest in something so mobile, the locking, coin-return stand is not the only theft resistant mechanism. For starters, when the handle is released, the brakes lock, which reduces accidents and liability, along with making it very difficult for the chair to roll out the door 'on its own.' And even if it does, this chair is not designed to be folded up and easily stowed in a vehicle, so it isn't worth the trouble to take. Especially considering the traceable serial number each one comes with.

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STAXI is the world's leading nestable transport chair system and the number one wheelchair alternative for hospitals and airports. STAXI's are hard to steal, built to last, simple to use and easy to find. Contact at: info@staxi.com Go To http://www.Staxi.com

February 17, 2013

Patient Transportation Should Be the Least of a Hospital's Worries

Author: Mike McCoy

Patient transportation is a necessity in any hospital or other institution.  The clients have to be moved from one locale to another for everything from tests to surgeries to emergencies to discharge.

Unfortunately, due to the deficiencies in most extant wheelchairs, this process can wind up taking up far more time than it should, leading to irate staff, patients, families, etc., as well as raising costs through extra man-hours, not to mention equipment failure and theft.
The wheelchair itself is an incredible invention that has allowed for mobility and levels of independence for people who are physically incapacitated to some degree or another.  As well as those who provide care and companionship to those who would never have had.

There was a time when para and quadriplegics were confined to beds, and maybe couches or porches if there was someone who could transport them that far.  The wheelchair has enabled them to rejoin a world they never should have been removed from.  At the same time, it's been a boon to the medical and other people moving services at the same time.  Wheelchairs revolutionized patient transportation.
Unfortunately, along with all these benefits has come a mindset that if something works for one area, it should work for all.  This has led to few changes in the chairs themselves.

Wheelchairs have gone forward in a straight line, moving from wood to metal in construction and incorporating better materials as well as controls that can be operated by the most mobility-impaired among us.  However, no later movement has allowed for increased efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in the areas where independent living was not the primary concern.

When a person with mobility issues is in a hospital, a chair geared for patient transportation will make far more sense than what would be used to facilitate independent moving.  Even someone with more general health issues, this makes hiking down miles of corridors to the X-ray room MRI inadvisable.

There are numerous reasons for this, including the health and safety of both patient and staff.  For example, a chair that can only be moved by the attendant, rather than the patient will avoid someone who should not be moving on her own from incurring injury thus costing her, her insurance, and the hospital both time and money.

A further advantage of wheelchairs built solely for institutional use is that they can be designed to take up less space.  Why does this matter?  If the wheelchairs take up less room, they can be placed in one centralized location without impacting day-to-day operations.

They will also allow for better and more rapid movement through halls and rooms.  This is vital in emergent situations as well as reducing the amount of time a patient needs to spend being transported from bed to exam room and back again.

One of the biggest advantages in chairs designed specifically with patient transport in mind is in cost effectiveness.  While the beginning cost may be higher, chairs that can be nested against one another saves time and space.

They work like shopping carts in that they are easily secured.  However, they are not easily stolen unlike shopping carts.  They will pay for themselves in short order, by not having to be replaced because they have wandered out the door under their 'own' steam.

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STAXI is the world’s leading nestable transport chair system and the number one wheelchair alternative for hospitals and airports. STAXIs were designed for institutional use only. STAXI transport wheelchairs perform all of the same functions as other wheelchairs but without being lost, stolen, scattered or broken. For More Info, Go To www.Staxi.com

February 15, 2013

Chicago: Nissan NV200 is "Taxi of Tomorrow"

Author: Neil Mahaney

The laundry list of complaints about taxis is seemingly endless. Air temperature, comfort and accessibility are only a few of the standard issues brought up by riders. New York City finally decided to change the way its citizens think about taxis by creating the Taxi of Tomorrow initiative, and Nissan will be there to guide them in every direction. Nissan Chicago drivers are excited that the east coast is finally picking up on what they have known all along.

About the NV200

The NV200 is a commercial style vehicle for businesses across America. It's built especially for those who need to be mobile in business and more than efficient.


The NV comes in several different trims with loads of great options to cater to individual needs. Different models offer different amounts of storage space, ranging from 243.1 to 323.1 cubic feet. The increased space comes from the high-roof option. The standard engine on the NV is a 4-liter V6 261 horsepower to really get you moving from place to place. Chicago Nissan dealers especially like the 243° wide-opening rear cargo doors.

It's also the smaller details that average consumers might not think about that make the NV really great. Such features that Nissan Chicago consumers appreciate include 10 reinforced mounting points in ceiling for interior ladder rack installation, 36 integrated reinforced cargo area mounting points and 11 integrated reinforced cargo mounting points for bulkhead partition.

‘Taxi of Tomorrow' Initiative

Together, Carlos Tavares of Nissan Americas and Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, held a briefing about the changes. New York has about 13,000 taxis that run an estimated 500 million miles annually. That's a lot of motion! So of course it's important to match consumer needs to the present fleet. The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission decided that the NV would be the only taxi for NYC starting later in 2013.

The taxi will be an upgraded version of the current NV fit for passengers. Who better than to ask what kind of amenities are necessary than New Yorkers themselves? Taxi drivers and passengers asked for a range of things including:
  • More room in the cabin and trunk space for luggage
  • Sliding doors for easier entry and exit
  • Independent temperature control for passengers
  • Overhead reading and floor lights
  • Navigation systems

Chicago Nissan drivers are applauding the efforts of NYC and can't wait to see what's in store for them.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/cars-articles/chicago-nissan-nv200-is-taxi-of-tomorrow-5116347.html

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Neil Mahaney is a blogger and auto enthusiast who writes about the latest industry trends. His article features information on your local Chicago Nissan dealer. Anyone looking for a trusty Nissan, Chicago located, will also benefit from a lot of Neil's passionate coverage of the latest new and used car dealer news.

February 6, 2013

How you can Turn into an Assisted Living Entrepreneur

Author: John Galang

Why an Assisted Residing Facility is often a Timely Enterprise

Assisted living amenities, a balanced, protected and independent life-style for its residents, offer a mixture of housing, customized supportive solutions, transportation, foods, housekeeping, 24 hour supervision, and overall health treatment created to fulfill the wants of people who demand help together with the routines of day-to-day dwelling. Within the present financial crisis, healthcare organizations have emerged as just one in the world-wide best trusted business enterprise opportunities. Therefore, possessing an assisted residing facility is actually a very good practical organization possibility in addition like a chance to aid other folks in require. This article will explore why it is just a timely and fiscally effective organization, the population it serves, funding sources for citizens, proprietors and kinds of assisted living.

A Timely and Economic Effective Business enterprise

Now, much more than a single million Americans stay in an approximated 20,000 assisted living residences. The Assisted Dwelling Sector at this time, in most cases, caters for the top affluent 10of the senior population of the land. This field has expanded speedily from 1990 right up until 1997; then, overbuilding occurred from the discipline in 2002 and yet again in 2005. In 2007 the industry started off to increase all over again and in 2008 the subject has expanded by person business people with smaller services that are while in the 15-50 device array. Niche, amenities still thrive and grow. An additional want which may make an assisted dwelling facility a timely and helpful organization is definitely the ageing Little one Boomer population. The average Toddler Boomer is 65 decades outdated at this time. According to the us Census Bureau report, We The people today: Ageing In the united states - a distinctive Census 2000 report authored by Yvonne J. Gist and Lisa I. Hetzel, 'In 2000, the 65-and-older population comprised 35.0 million individuals. Inside this team, eighteen.five million persons or 53 percent had been aged 65 to 74, 12.three million or 35 ended up aged seventy five to 84, and 4.2 million or 12 were aged 85 and around. Ladies outnumbered guys in such a team: 20.six million girls in comparison with 14.4 million men. The age groups 65 to 74 years and 85 and more mature each had practically 2 million extra women of all ages than guys, as well as the 75-to-84 age group had just about 3 Million more.'

More, as outlined by the us Census bureau the overall population of individuals 65 ages and more mature in 2007 make up twelve.6in the total US population. With Florida, West Virginia and Pennsylvania earning the top 3 states in which these citizens reside. The Newborn Boomers, who will not totally affect the assisted living current market until finally 2010, are starting up to enter the assisted dwelling marketplace. The senior citizens' market place has expanded over and above any earlier expertise in American or entire world record as a result of the Child Boomer phenomena. These persons, whose unprecedented many figures will now turn into senior citizens, and because of your modern day professional medical community's efforts, and our population usually dwelling a healthier life style, a senior citizen marketplace that we now have not ready for nor predicted is acquiring. Hence, it is a beneficial company possibility to very own an assisted living facility due to the shear statistics of the developing older population, advancements in health-related engineering bringing about folks dwelling lengthier and also the federal and state governments searching to cut back expenses making use of assisted dwelling services and adult day treatment centers like a continuum of look after the elderly.

The Population an Assisted Dwelling Facility Serves

The typical assisted residing resident may possibly be younger or elderly, affluent or very low revenue, frail or disabled. A normal resident is actually a female in her eighties and is particularly either widowed or simple. Citizens may possibly experience Alzheimer's sickness or any other memory issues. Residents may well also will need assistance with incontinence or mobility. Assisted residing households usually are not for people today who have to have continuous professional nursing care. As we gaze in the long run to arrange for that Baby Boomers, some marketplace insiders agree that it can be difficult to anticipate what this new age team will look like, although other people are advising providers to organize for an onslaught of demands for comfort, luxurious and place. This recent team will have a significant discretionary paying out capacity. They have more money to invest on travel, automobiles, home equipment and toys than any person else. Also, the long-term care trade will have residents who have been presidents, CEO's, CFO's and vice presidents of big firms, comprehensive laptop awareness, fiscal independence all of that may direct into a higher-acuity of treatment. Services growth, innovative facility layout, item design, customized social and memory treatment routines and superior performing care services might be items to contemplate despite the size of the facility.

These services will supply services which include meals, housekeeping services, transportation, health marketing and exercise courses, personalized laundry expert services, social and recreational attractions, on-site salon, memory treatment or dementia companies. Additionally, these amenities may gives you access to wellness and medical solutions including crisis contact devices, bathing, dressing, treatment management and required support with eating, walking and toileting. A few of these expert services are not usually compensated for by overall health insurance policy or the Medicare or Medicaid courses. Not all residents of facilities need significant care or guidance. A lot of are there mainly because they want a easier life style without the worry of keeping a home plus they find the companionship of others their very own age. Additionally they might will need some minor support for instance using prescription medication or they need a protected ecosystem or they might need some supervision

Costs and Funding

Resident Funding: Expenditures will change based within the degree of care and products and services supplied. Assisted residing care may be paid for by a long-term treatment insurance coverage policy, but most individuals pay out the price their selves, that is called the phrase, personal fork out. You'll find nonetheless additional assumptions than well-known info about the place the money to pay for assisted residing comes from. A latest review done by the National Financial commitment Center for the Seniors Housing and Treatment Sectors, reports that over a 3rd of residents get some outdoors assistance, in the type of Supplemental Stability Earnings (8.9, Medicaid coverage (7.2, payments from non-public insurance (3.2, state guidance (2.8, Veterans Administration dietary supplements(.5, or payments from Social Security, Medicare, Prisoner of War gains, worker's compensation, state support, pensions, as well as navy. Meanwhile, federal, county and state aid programs are shifting far more Medicaid money from home well-being and competent nursing to assisted residing. Additionally, the survey suggests that residents obtaining fiscal help have extended lengths of continue to be than private-pay residents, and that citizens getting state support stay the longest, on typical 4.13 many years.

Company Funding: There is certainly a range of funding available for men and women starting an assisted living facility.

1. HUD (Housing and Urban Enhancement)

2. USDA (U.s. office of Agriculture) for amenities in rural areas.

3. SBA (America Modest Organization Administration)

4. OWBO (The Business office of Women's Business enterprise Possession)

5. Non-Profit Organizations including The Robert Wooden Johnson Basis

6. Neighborhood Block Grants

Amenities Differ in Measurement and Nomenclature

Although assisted residing will be the most commonly encountered expression made use of while in the nation each by market and state regulatory companies, assisted living options might be identified by diverse names, which includes, although not restricted to, residential care, personalized care, grownup congregate care, boarding households, grownup congregate dwelling, group based mostly retirement amenities, retirement residences and domiciliary care. The main difference in licensing is generally based on dimensions with the facility or even the providers they provide.

Residential or board and treatment is frequently a transformed household or small facility with six to ten beds where the caregiver is really a homeowner or simple proprietor with minor or no aid personnel. These services ordinarily usually are not permitted to offer a lot care further than bathing, dressing, providing meals or serving to citizens transfer around. A number of these households on the other hand, may deal with property well-being organizations, household browsing health professionals or nurses to deliver look after their residents.

Newer services glance extra like apartment properties with personal rooms or suites with locked doors. Rather than a nurse's desk, there is a help desk. And in place of a hospital-like lounge space and sterile cafeteria, assisted dwelling has gathering parts with couches, fireplaces, gardens, atriums, and many others. Central eating parts look far more like banquet rooms and frequently supply amusement throughout or soon after meal moments. Meaningful activities and chats with neighbors in pleasant environment, hold citizens productive and stimulated.

Far more and even more assisted residing facilities specialize in the care of Alzheimer's patients or people today with memory care troubles. An Alzheimer's affected person typically is not going to demand quite a bit of medical awareness but generally involves supervision, confinement, fairly relaxed environment, gardens with pathways, and locked entrance doorways to stop residents from wandering.

In conclusion, the assisted residing organization is continuing to develop and expand solutions to a escalating population which consequently lend by itself into a vertical marketplace with optimistic opportunity and advancement for any enterprise venture.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/elderly-care-articles/how-you-can-turn-into-an-assisted-living-entrepreneur-5651957.html

February 3, 2013

The Benefits of Green Alternative Systems for CNG Conversions

Author: Seo5 Consulting

The Benefits of Green Alternative Systems for CNG Conversions

The prospect of having a CNG conversion performed on a vehicle is very enticing, as a new fueling system has been proven to provide safety, reduce costs and increase the lifespan of the vehicle. Many companies are drawn to CNG conversions because this alternative fueling option significantly reduces company costs and adheres to the demand for greener business practices. Additionally any enterprises in the United States are provided with refunds and rebates through the government and supporting programs.

Before hiring a company to install a new fueling system there are a few key points that should be considered to determine the best technicians for the job:

Superior Conversion Systems

The first thing to look at when determining the ideal company to install the conversion system is the quality of the actual product. CNG conversions that use BAF Technologies or BAYTECH engine systems that are CARB and EPA certified ensure a well-made, safe and reliable conversion system. Each installed upfit kit should be certified by C.A.R.B. to insure it\'s compliance for emissions, warranty, and durability.

The conversion company should be staffed with CSA American certified inspectors. This ensures the experience, professionalism and reliability of inspections.

Altoona Tested

A conversion company that can provide a Ford E-450 Compressed Natural Gas [CNG] conversion that has completed the 7 Year, 200,000 mile Altoona Bus test with ZERO unscheduled maintenance and the Altoona Life Cycle Test completed with zero failures to the CNG Fuel System and its related components, is a qualified company to handle conversions.

The Altoona test is a government funded program to ensure the safety of bus fleets. Testing is performed by the Vehicle Systems and Safety Program staff at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The testing fees are subsidized by federal funding. The center currently handles up to eight buses at one time. During the course of testing, most maintenance and repairs are performed by the center\'s staff. The successful completion of these tests ensures a well designed, high quality conversion system.

Certified and Trained Team

The team that is working on the vehicles is of utmost importance. Any team that is converting fueling systems should be certified by leading industry organizations such as Swagelok, CSA America, BAF Technologies, and NGVI. The technicians on staff should be trained throughout the year. This provides customers with a reliable, highly skilled alternative fuel systems service.

Any conversion company that is being considered should be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, providing answers and information as it is required. A company that can combine high quality conversion systems, with Altoona tested vehicles that have their conversion systems installed, and a highly skilled and trained team will ensure the success of the conversion. The new system will drastically improve business operations, saving costs, repairs and achieving positive results for the environment.

GAS for CNG Conversion Systems

Green Alternative Systems provides alternative fueling options and high quality conversion systems. To find out more visit, Greenalternativesystems.

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