September 30, 2013

The Case for Inclusion

The Case for Inclusion

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September 2, 2013

Angel MedFlight Answers

Author: Dan Restko

Maybe it's you, a loved one or a friend in need of critical care and time is of the essence. Or perhaps a patient has a rare disorder that is treated by an expert physician thousands of miles away. These are just two possible scenarios that would call for air ambulance transport. And the first call you should make should be to Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance.

When a patient is critically ill, commercial transport is out of the question. Commercial jets don't carry the necessary equipment and there are restrictions on how much oxygen can be brought on board. Can't risk exposure to all the germs on a commercial flight? Then consider Angel MedFlight where patients fly in medically-configured jets equipped with a stretcher, advanced life support equipment and medications.

Who will treat the patient on board Angel MedFlight?

Each and every one of our flights is staffed with a Critical Care Nurse  and a Critical Care Flight Paramedic. This is far different from other air ambulance companies which sometimes have overworked and/or undertrained nurses and medics providing the care. Angel MedFlight nurses and flight paramedics have a minimum of 10 years combined experience and many have specialized training in critical care, emergency medicine and other specialties.

Your Angel MedFlight experience BEGINS with the best care in the industry. Other air ambulance companies have low-level  employees or salespeople answering the phones. When you contact Angel MedFlight your call is handled by a trained medical professional.

What about the cost of air ambulance transport?

The safest and fastest way to get a patient to urgent medical care is via air ambulance and this mode of transport is not without operating costs. But Angel MedFlight is committed to finding the most cost effective transportation without compromising the quality of care. If you're considering an air ambulance for patient transport, our flight coordinators will provide a no-obligation quote for you.

Our quote will include ground ambulance, medical personnel, flight crew, equipment and medicines and the flight itself.  If there are additional charges, usually contingent upon the patient's upgraded condition, they would be made prior to the flight and with full knowledge of the patient.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions we are asked about our Angel MedFlight air ambulance service. We will address more questions about medical care, insurance, aircraft and other topics in future articles of this Angel MedFlight Answers series.

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